Arizona Fishing License

Arizona Fishing

The state of Arizona offers ample opportunity for new and experienced anglers alike. With natural lakes and rivers, man made reservoir lakes, and urban lakes and ponds, there is a fishing hole for everyone. The Arizona Game and Fish Department regularly stocks trout into lakes, rivers, and larger creeks from their own trout hatcheries., and in many of the urban lakes and ponds the Arizona Game and Fish Department also introduce catfish, trout and bluegill.

Arizona Fishing License Requirements

To fish in Arizona you will need to obtain and have in your posession while fishing an Arizona fishing license to use on public waters. A valid Arizona fishing license is required for residents and non residents fourteen years of age or older. Residents under fourteen, or blind are not required to obtain an Arizona fishing license. Arizona licenses are not required when fishing on private land, during designated Arizona free fishing days, or when participitating in Arizona Game and Fish Department fishing clinics.

Where To Obtain An Arizona Fishing License

Arizona fishing licenses, permits, and stamps are available at over 320 license dealers, including fish and bait shops, outdoor and sporting good stores, and some major retailers. Arizona fishing licenses are also available directly through Arizona Game and Fish offices, as well as online at

Arizona Fishing Licenses and Additional Permit and Stamp Requirements

An Arizona General Fishing license (Class A) is available to Arizona residents only, and covers all fish species, except trout. A trout stamp would be required in addition to the Arizona General Fishing license to fish for trout. The Arizona Urban Fishing license (Class U) is available to both residents and non-residents, and is required to fish in Arizona urban public lakes and ponds. The Arizona Super Conservation License (Class L) is available to Arizona residents and required for non-residents and includes the Class A, Class U, and trout stamp. Temporary Arizona fishing licenses of 1-Day, 5-Days, and 4-months are available for non-residents, and both 1-Day and 5-Day licenses can be extended with the additional fishing day stamp. Fishing stamps are also required for two pole fishing, and to fish in shared waters of the Colorado River and Lake Powell. Residents and non-residents can also purchase an Arizona Combo Hunt and Fish license (Class F), which includes trout privileges.

Arizona Statewide Daily Bag and Possession Limits

In order to maintain population and give all anglers an opportunity to participate in successful fishing the following limits are placed on legal fish species:

Fish Species

Trout (including rainbow, cutthroat, bown, brook, and apache)
Bass (including largemouth and smallmouth)
Striped Bass
Northern Pike
Catfish (including channel and flathead)
Crappie (including white and black)
White Amur (grass carp)
Roundtail Chub (minimum 13 inches)
Sunfishes (including bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish and any hybrid sunfish)
All Other Species excluding protected native fish (including white bass, yellow bass, carp, suckers, buffalofish, bullhead, yellow perch and tilapia)

Daily Limit
6 including any combination for licensed anglers; 3 for nonlicensed qualified anglers.
6 in any combination.
Unlimited with immediate kill or release.
25 in any combination.
Source: Arizona Fish and Game Department

Protected Native Fish

In order to maintain populations of natural fish the Arizona Fish and Game Department has compiled a list of fish, that if accidentally caught, must be released immediately. Those protected native fish include:

Beautiful Shiner
Colorado Pikeminnow
Gila Chub
Headwater Chub
Little Colorado Spinedace
Quitobaquito Pupfish
Yaqui Topminnow

Bluehead Sucker
Desert Pupfish
Gila Topminnow
Humpback Chub
Loach Minnow
Razorback Sucker
Virgin Spinedace
Yaqui Catfish
Zuni Bluehead Sucker

Bonytail Chub
Flannelmouth Sucker
Gila Trout
Little Colorado Sucker
Mexican Stoneroller
Sonora Chub
Virgin Roundtail Chub
Yaqui Chub
Source: Arizona Fish and Game Department